Above & Beyond the frontiers between fashion, craftsmanship and art

Tursi embodies a seamless fusion of artistic expression and high-end, custom-made pieces. Each creation is a wearable work of art that pushes the boundaries of creativity by exploring innovative techniques, materials, and concepts.

With a meticulous focus on intricate detailing, exquisite craftsmanship, and the use of unconventional materials, Tursi crafts pieces that are truly unique and individual. The creative process involves integrating various artistic elements, such as painting, sculpture, embroidery, beading, and experimental textile manipulation techniques.

Boundless in terms of shapes, materials, or volumes, Tursi's couture sculptures are meant to be both worn and admired as exceptional works of art, evoking a sense of movement and growth.

In essence, Tursi's artistry transcends the conventional boundaries of fashion, transforming it into a wearable form of art that is undeniably beautiful and unparalleled in its uniqueness.